Welcome to the society of immersive experiences! These will change the way we travel, learn, buy, cultivate and have fun.

For now, we have no plan to publish the book in english… but who knows ! If we got enough request from this, we may think about it 🙂

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what is immersion?
A project to share knowledge about immersive experiences

For one year, we meet entrepreneurs, artists, researchers, users to understand what immersive experiences are and how to create them.

Understand the vocabulary of immersion and the different theoretical concepts to find your way around

Ask the right questions, and sometimes have some ideas to create your experience by avoiding basic mistakes

Understand how immersive experiences will change some key industries such as entertainment, tourism, culture, training and retail

Expert testimonies and case studies to understand the good practices and difficulties encountered in an immersive creative project.

Where are we at?

Currently in Paris, we finished our trip !

While waiting for the book!
Many articles already published on our blog!

We publish interviews, experience tests and our first thoughts on immersive experiences in our blog !

Our first e-book !
Créons l'immersion (In french sorry!), which already gives some basic principles!

You fill be able to understand what is an immersive experience, find few examples and 10 lessons to create your own !

Specialized publications!
Thematic newsletters (in french again)

Every month we publish a thematic newsletter in partnership with Silex-ID, a media specialized in innovation. Titled “Learn in Immersion”, “Travel in Immersion” or “Promote in Immersion, etc”.

Who are we ?

Two immersive explorers

Charlotte-Amélie Veaux


Yann Garreau


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