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UXmmersive is a year of travel and research, encounters, experiences and content production.

 We finance a large part of it by our own means, which… are not unlimited! Whether it is the travel part, or the book publishing part, we need you to make this project a reality!

Immersion, will be a FREE book (in french, for now) available with a pronounced taste for popularizing high-level knowledge about immersive experiences.

Immersion research is not new. On the other hand, few aim to build bridges between disciplines that speak little or nothing to each other: what theory/practices can unify theatre and virtual reality, for example.

And yes, UXmmersive is not an artificial intelligence.  We are two HUMAN people who are keen on innovation and always curious to discover new wonders, immersive or not, of the world!

We can go further!

here are few examples

Dedicated Newsletter

We can create communication material for an audience (internal or external), feed your monitoring and your editiorial planning

Explore a topic

We can provide you with input on specific issues. E.g.: how to create an immersive store? What are the trends in the museum experience? etc.

Prepare a LEX

We create relationships with leading players in the world of immersive experiences, we can help you organize Learning Expeditions that come out of the ordinary!

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