We participated in Inventor’s Attic, one of MyEscapeRoom’s experience in New Orleans! We had an hour to restore power to a house for an annual ball.

The Experience of Escape my room

An appointment is given at 2:30 pm at 655 Constance Street. We cross the front door, and surprise: we find ourselves in a room, decorated in the 1950s. The phone rings, our interlocutor asks us to find a potion to kill birds of misfortune! It’s off to a good start!

This little appetizer then gives way to the living room, which acts as a waiting room before starting the experience. We meet our teammates there, in settings that are always sublime. We record ourselves, we look at the sets, we walk around in the different rooms and the Game Master explains us the scenario.

Concretely we have one hour to restore the power of a house, and for that we will have to solve the enigmas left by an inventor (of genius?). Let’s go for an hour of puzzles, and very creative puzzles to solve!

What the hell is this?! Well, after all, it’s an inventor’s office so why not….. Credits: EscapeMyRoom

What we liked in Escape my room

An immersive entrance :

Magic works from the beginning! As you walk through the first door, EscapeMyRoom immerses you in its universe: a room with a 50’s atmosphere. There is no one there. Then the phone rings, a first riddle to solve! This is a detail that counts in immersion: you are already in the action after 2 minutes in a complete new world ! We loved it! On the other hand, it requires an entire room dedicated to this purpose, not easy when rental prices are very high!

The reception room, not bad, right? Credits: EscapeMyRoom

The very elaborate puzzles and superb scenery :

The adventure takes place in an inventor’s attic and (“Believe it or not” as we say here) we believe we were there ! Inventions can be found everywhere, whose use should be found to solve riddles…. It’s a mess, but after all, with a crazy inventor it’s normal, right? Above all, the resolution of each puzzle will trigger sophisticated mechanisms that will amaze you. The atmosphere and puzzle aspect has definitely been very well worked out!

Inventor’s room – credits : EscapeMyRoom

What we didn’t like so much in Escape my room

The weak scenario:

If the pitch is explained at the beginning, it doesn’t really matter. We’re in an escape game in the purest sense of the word: solve puzzles and get out in an hour! The story does not really have a twist and does not evolve as we progress…. In the end, it is only a pretext and that is sometimes what we lack. We are reduced to “problem-solving” without learning more about our crazy inventor! Too bad.

Team spirit not always present:

Escapes games can focused on searching, problem solving or object manipulation… The last two are clearly highlighted here! This is not a problem in itself. On the other hand, the riddles are often independent of each other, and we have not been able to find a good team spirit with our other colleagues. Everyone went about their business and concentrated on their enigma, without sharing information, without real cooperation, and that bothered us a little bit! We are here first and foremost to spend time as a team solving a puzzle! Escape games can be played by up to 7 people and here, several groups can meet together, but the master game does not insist at all on the importance of team communication. It is a pity that the cooperation / collective part is not more worked on.

The takeaway of Escape my room :

Pre-experience is a key element in a participant’s immersion process. We really enjoyed entering the world of Escape My Room ! This is an element that deserves more attention since it prepares participants psychologically for what they will experience. A kind of preheating that prevents breakdowns during the journey!

More information about Escape My Room

Address: 633 Constance St., New Orleans, LA 70130

Rate: $65 for 2 people (tax included)

Website: https://escapemyroom.com

There are different experiences like the Mardi Gras Study or Jazz Parlor, but a priori the Attic Inventor is the one that seems to be the most rated!