A One year journey to explore the world of immersion

Our project

We travel to meet the creators of tomorrow’s immersive experiences: start-ups, industrialists, researchers, artists….

To Travel

through the world's landscapes, meet its inhabitants, discover their cultures in about fifteen countries for a year

To Create

to carry, grow and give life to our project, learn about ourselves and develop new skills that we believe important

To Learn

on a subject that resembles us, between creation and innovation, between human and technological cooperation

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Create a global mapping of immersion actors to better understand how this sector is structured, who are its key components and how they work together, and to identify potential synergies between actors.


Formalize use cases, identify good practices, key success factors and difficulties in creating immersion in order to create tools and reading keys that helps the creation of new experiences.


Analyze strong and weak signals to identify major trends in the future of the immersive experience over various time horizons: 10, 20, 30 years. It is a question of predicting the technologies used, future uses, etc.

And write a White Paper

UXmmersive gathers and makes available our acquired knowledge!

This objective will be achieved by publishing a white book, free of charge, available online, containing all our thoughts on the immersive experience.

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Who are we ?

Two former consultants in Innovation and Collective Intelligence, two people who have developed expertise in the transformation of people and organizations.


Yann Garreau


After a master’s degree in Innovation Management (MTI), and some experience in the startup world, in an incubator and then as a Business Developer in a startup, I joined bluenove. For two years, I have developped skills in coaching innovative projects, Design-Thinking, design and animation of open innovation and collective intelligence systems.

My passions: video games, sports and procrastinating.

My greatest achievement: A giant chifumi with 150 people to launch a day of workshops.

Charlotte-Amélie Veaux


After studying human sciences (philosophy and geography), I became interested in digital transformations of society and innovation. After a few months at RATP Dev, I joined bluenove. In 3 years I have led missions of transformation, innovation competitions, community management and design of open innovation systems.

My passions: dancing, tunnel boring machines, tea.
My greatest achievement: Having developed a passion for tunnel boring machines after working at the Société du Grand Paris.

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